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Services & Facilities

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We offer a full range of consultations for our clients. Our consultations are 15 minutes which means we can fully examine your pet and then discuss with you the diagnostic and treatment options as well as the prognosis and answer any questions you may have.  Our team of vets and nurses have many years of experience as well as additional areas of interest such as medicine and surgery so you can have peace of mind that your pet will receive the best care possible.


Members of our experienced team of veterinary surgeons have particular interest in dentistry and are able to perform dental procedures to help keep your pets’ mouth healthy. These procedures include routine scale and polish as well as dental extractions when required. Our nurses also offer free of charge dental clinics for our clients to offer advice on keeping your pets mouth healthy.

Diagnostic Imaging

Our state of the art digital x-ray, ultrasound machine and endoscopes mean we can diagnose most conditions efficiently without the need for referral.  This allows us to provide the best possible treatment without any delays. 

Our digital x-ray machine has been specifically chosen for its ability to produce excellent quality images of patients of all sizes.  Our x-ray machine helps us investigate heart disease, abdominal disease, orthopaedic disease (lameness) and much more! As the machine is digital we are then able to upload your pets’ images onto their record ensuring they are always readily accessible when required.

Our state of the art ultrasound machine has recently been upgraded to provide the latest technology for our patients. Our machine is able to provide excellent quality images of the abdomen and chest which in certain cases can also allow ultrasound guided samples to be taken reducing the need for surgery and general anaesthesia.

Our endoscopy suite includes endoscopes capable of imaging the respiratory system (nose, trachea, bronchus), gastrointestinal tract (oesophagus, stomach and intestines) and bladder and allows samples to be taken from these areas without full surgical intervention. They also allow removal of some foreign bodies from the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems without the need for surgery providing a less invasive option with faster recovery times.

Nurse Clinics

Our team of qualified veterinary nurses not only care for our hospitalised patients and patients undergoing surgery but they also provide our clients with Nurse Clinics to offer advice and guidance including New Pet Checks, Senior Pet Checks, claw clipping, flea and worm checks, socialisation visits and anal gland emptying. Some of these clinics are free of charge for our clients. To find out more give us a call on 01986 892771.

Home Visits

We understand that in certain circumstances house visits may be required and are happy to provide these in specific situations. We are also able to tailor consultation times to facilitate appointments during quieter periods for more nervous patients and have a separate cat waiting area to reduce the stress on our feline friends! If you would like to discuss your requirement for a house visit please give us a call on 01986 892771.


Sadly many of our pets have shorter lifespan than we would like and we understand how difficult it can be to make the final decision. Our dedicated team are here to support you and your pet throughout these difficult times and are able to offer advice and guidance to assist you in making the best decision for them.  We have a dedicated Bereavement Room where we can give you private time with your pet and perform euthanasia in a comfortable surrounding. To ease the burden on clients we are also able to arrange cremation following euthanasia if required.

Read more about coping with the loss of a pet.

Pet Passports

Our team of veterinary surgeons hold additional qualifications which mean they can complete PETS passport and Pet import and export documentation. These certificates can take several months to fulfil the export and import requirements so please book an appointment to discuss your requirements early.  We can also offer advice on appropriate preventative healthcare for diseases your pet could be exposed to during travel. Further advice on travelling with your pet can be found on the Animal Health and Plant agency website.

Preventative Health Care

Our dedicated team of vets, nurses and receptionists are keen to help our patients live long, happy and healthy lives and are able to offer a full range of preventative healthcare options including vaccination (and titre testing if required), flea and worming, dental care and weight management.


At Wherry Vets we are proud to have two dedicated operating theatres and a separate preparation room. This allows us to keep our theatres as sterile as possible reducing the chances of any post-operative complications.  Our theatres have specialised monitoring equipment to help keep our patients as safe as possible during anaesthetics and our team of vets and nurses pride themselves on the care of our patients. The skills of our staff mean we are able to provide a full range of surgical treatments for our patients including routine and minor surgery such as neutering and lump removals as well as major and emergency surgery such as caesarean sections, spleen removal and gastric torsion correction.

Healthy Pet Club

Our Healthy Pet Club will be opening soon and offers the chance to spread the cost of routine preventative healthcare such as vaccinations, claw clipping and flea and worming whilst also saving you money. For more information please call our team of receptionists on 01986 892771.


The in house laboratory allows us to perform a wide range of blood, urine and cytology (including ear swab cytology) tests in house. This means we obtain results as fast as possible and can therefore provide the most appropriate treatment to get your pet feeling better.


The reception team are always on hand to offer advice and support and try to make your pets visit to Wherry Vets as stress free as possible. Our reception area is currently undergoing modernisation to include a separate cat and dog waiting area to reduce the stress on both patients and clients. The cat waiting area will also feature shelving to place cat boxes on to minimise their stress.


We understand how stressful leaving a loved pet at the vets can be so we make our hospital as comfortable and stress free as possible. Our hospital is divided into separate cat and dog wards and also has a separate isolation ward to minimise the risk of spread of infection. Our kennels are made from a specialised engineering plastic which helps to retain heat (an important aspect for patients recovering from anaesthetics) and also minimise noise to make the hospital wards less stressful. There is also a separate dog walking area to allow us to safely exercise our canine patients.

Car Park

Our surgery has a large car park to ensure there is always plenty of space in a convenient location when you need to bring your pet to the surgery. We are able to help transport pets from the car into the surgery when required.